About Us

New providers are always entering the marketplace. We’ve been here all along, and we’re moving into the future with a strong focus based on our previous work. You can read the story of how we started below.

Better Mobility started as a simple ‘back of a van’ operation way back over 12 years ago. It eventually moved into a small premises located behind a local pharmacy, and focused mainly on supporting the needs of older people – things like walkers, entry level wheelchairs and supportive recliners were supplied at competitive prices with friendly service and honest advice. For many years the ‘BMC’ van was a common sight at local nursing homes and the homes of clients to provide efficient service and repairs where required. Moving forward, Better Mobility (or Better Mobility Choices as it was known back then) became a Network Partner for the supply of equipment to entitled War Veterans and their families through the Mobility and Functional Support scheme. Out of this appointment came the need to provide hire equipment, and so another element of the business was born.
After several years successfully meeting the needs of those clients, it became obvious that we could – indeed we should – be doing more. And so, armed with a very small budget and  a lot of determination to prove ourselves, the business made a shift in focus to concentrate on the complex rehabilitation market – specifically, finding ways to work with local people and bring technology and support to them, right here at home. Manufacturers began to recognise our capability to provide clients of all circumstances and backgrounds with effective and responsible solutions for their assistive technology needs, and the fact that we refused to allow our ethics to be challenged or compromised while doing this.
As a result we now work with multiple manufacturers from around the world to provide locally based clients access and support for the very best the industry has to offer – something that we are extremely proud of.  Of course, we still work with clients of all ages to provide simple, easy to use assistive devices too.
Our very first demonstration ‘rehab’ wheelchair was a bright green adjustable self propelled model, and since then we’ve grown to have over 30 different types all available for trial or assessment, in addition to everything else we can provide. From the very early days, our capabilities have continued to grow to the point where we can now proudly offer all of the products and services you can see on our website, as well as more that we add every day.
In addition to all of these products, we continually research current trends, future ideas and new ways of thinking, all while remaining a completely independent, locally owned company. Our team remains dedicated to ensuring that we provide honest and ethical service, effective and reliable equipment, ongoing support and assistance, and above all open and honest communication. It is our privilege to work with truly inspiring people every day, and to enable, empower and support them as they continue on their assistive technology journey.

We work with Clients, Therapists, Support Staff and Families to develop Innovative, Adaptable Solutions for your Assistive Technology Needs. Regardless of your age or circumstances, we're here to help.

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