Alber E-Pilot


The perfect mix of sporty design and elegant features

An ideal power addition to your new or existing manual wheelchair. Simply ‘hook on’ and go!

Flexibility, Reliability and Security

A perfect mix of sporty-elegant design and perfect ergonomics: the E-Pilot from Alber convinces. It turns your wheelchair into a sporty vehicle in seconds – the dynamic combination for everyday use. This eliminates the annoying search for a parking space and the tedious transfer into and out of the car. The powerful fork, the battery pack integrated in the frame and the powerful drive wheel combine sporty design and sophisticated ergonomics perfectly.

No Tools Required

Drive to the centre, visit friends or simply enjoy the day in the nature. No problem with the E-Pilot: just dock it to the manual wheelchair, switch it on and turn the throttle. Here we go. Even distances of up to 50 km are no problem thanks to the large Li-Ion battery pack. When you reach your destination, undock the e-pilot and travel with your manual wheelchair as usual – full flexibility.

Go where you want to Go

Overcome borders, enjoy new freedom. The e-pilot offers a new kind of mobility. Thanks to the large front wheel, you can easily expand the possibilities of the manual wheelchair. A dirt road or a bad underground is no problem. Even a curb can easily be overcome.

Options to make the Journey easier

Clever functions on the go: Thanks to the optional Mobility Plus Package, the e-pilot can be extended by useful functions, such as a wheelchair-accessible navigation function or the speed extension to 20 km/h. This makes the trip really fun and you will reach your goal faster.

Additional information

Weight 5.7 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

E35 – 0.5 – 6km/h
E36 – 0.5 – 6km/h

Climbing and Braking Ability

E35 – Up to 16 km depending on ground surface, weight of user, temperature and topography
E36 – Up to 18 km depending on ground surface, weight of user, temperature and topography

Wheel Sizes

E35 – 22” and 24”
E36 – 24”

Weight Capacity

E35 – 120kg
E36 – 160kg