Ki Mobility Ethos Manual Wheelchair



Whether it is your first chair or that hard earned number that represents a lifetime of rolling; riding Ethos is like nothing you have ever experienced before.

A true testament to innovation and the art of wheelchair design.
A difference you have to experience.

Scientifically proven vibration damping technology diminishes vibrations received by the body during normal use. The result is a ride so smooth that cracks and crevices disappear in the wake of every push.

The ultimate high performance ride experience.

Seat Frame Isolation

Acting in unison the patent pending technology shields the rider from the unceasing onslaught of high frequency vibrations. By isolating the seat frame from the base frame and not connecting the caster wheel to the front end you get a whole new ability to control ride experience. Now every bump and jar that the caster wheel sees is not immediately transferred to your feet and legs.

Responsive Performance

A frame design that sacrifices nothing. Ethos is the ultra-lightweight custom ride that feels as though it floats beneath you. Rigidity is designed into all the right places giving you superior responsiveness. The feeling of performance and energy from a meticulously crafted machine becomes one with your body. The perfect marriage of strong agile responsiveness and comfortable performance.

Iconic Optimization

Better, in every sense of the word. The unique two frame design offers a whole new paradigm in adjustability. The first rigid frame with independently adjustable caster positioning, giving you higher performance without sacrificing stability. Easily vary CG, seat to floor height, and seat angle. The outcome is enhanced optimization and higher levels of performance, comfort and fit.

Confidently Smooth

Using intelligent Isolation Technology (ISO Tech), Ethos gives you an amazingly smooth, personalized ride experience. ISO Tech consists of four scientifically optimized polymers that isolate the seat frame. Designed to be interchangeable, ISO Tech polymers provide a personalized ride experience that you control. Take your ride anywhere from soft and supple to stiff and rigid with the variety of polymers included with each chair.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Transport Weight

6.3 kg*

* 16” x 16” Standard Length Frame, Fixed Height Back, 4” Poly Casters, Tubular Open Footplate and Standard Upholstery. Rear Wheels Removed.

Seat Width

12" – 20"

Seat Depth

14" – 20"

Front Seat Height

13.5" – 20.5"

Rear Seat Height

13.5" – 20"

Weight Capacity

124.7 kg

Transit Approved