Invacare Roze Standup Lifter



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Comfortable and Secure

The Invacare Roze Standup Lifter is compact and manoeuvrable and provides an easy, safe and comfortable assisted transfer for patients in care or those with rehabilitation needs.

200kg Weight Capacity

The Roze has a very compact base for a 200kg lifter, which make it easier to manoeuvre in smaller spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms. The Roze is constructed of a combination of aluminium and steel and has smooth rolling castors, so a carer can push the lifter smoothly and with reduced force.

Easy to Work With

The single position hook makes for simple and easy sling attachment plus a safety clip prevents the sling from disengaging. Added safety features include an emergency stop button, an emergency mechanical descent system and an anti-entrapment device, (which stops the boom lowering if it meets resistance).

Extended Battery Life

Roze offers up to 50 cycles from a single battery charge, making it ideal for high-use facilities or situations where charging time is limited.

Reliability Built-In

Utilizing LINAK control components and actuators, your new Roze comes out of the box with reliability, excellent durability and a long service life all built in. Servicing is easy too, with most Birdie Hoists only requiring annual maintenance.

An alternative option

Standup Lifters offer an alternative way to transfer patients. Its design allows patients to be transferred or assisted from either a bed or a chair. Whether in the home, aged care facility or hospital, the Roze is the ideal stand-up lifter for the daily transferring of patients.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Safe Working Load (SWL)