Invacare TDX SP2 Ultra Power Wheelchair


The powerchair technology of tomorrow, today

The Invacare TDX2 Ultra is the elite, high performance, centre wheel drive power wheelchair. Equipped with the advanced Ultra Low Maxx seating system and LiNX controls the TDX2 Ultra will provide outstanding manoeuvrability, exceptional functionality and extensive range of positioning and support options.

SureStep® suspension

The SureStep® suspension allows the castors to lower and extend or lift and retract when going over uneven terrain, guaranteeing a soft and smooth transition. Its superb level of traction and stability enables the powerchair to easily climb and descend kerbs, giving you a comfortable and stable drive.

Stability Lock

Stability Lock ensures all six wheels stay firmly on the ground when going over uneven terrain, keeping you in control. If your weight shifts forwards when going down a kerb, the in-built technology will lock the front suspension so the seat unit stays level and it will have less impact on trunk balance.

Multiple Control Options

The LiNX System allows multiple control options to be used including attendant mounted. Colour screens and Alternative Control Inputs are all available to ensure the perfect setup is easy to achieve.


MyLiNX is a power wheelchair diagnostics app for use with Invacare power wheelchairs using a LiNX control system. The MyLiNX app provides a user with access to basic system and diagnostic information from their wheelchair and enables them to share this information with a service agent via the MyLiNX website.

The app includes the following:
  • The ability to connect to a LiNX wheelchair controller via Bluetooth.
  • The ability to download current system and diagnostic information.
  • The display of specific system and diagnostic information such as battery charge, fault information and drive time.
  • Automatic transfer of this system and diagnostic information to the MyLiNX website for viewing by an approved service agent.
  • The ability to directly contact a service agent for support and assistance.

Centre Wheel Drive Narrow Base

The TDX SP2 has a narrow base of only 650mm on the standard base, or 610mm on the TDX SP2 Narrow Base, making it ideal for using around your home, office or out and about. It is also a true centre wheel drive powerchair which enables features such as:

  • An exceptional manoeuvrability in compact spaces
  • An incredibly tight turning radius of only 560mm
  • A superb intuitive drive

Seat to floor heights as low as 440mm, allowing it to sit effortlessly under tables and desks, allowing you to focus on the task in hand.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Wheel Size