Otto Bock B6 Power Wheelchair


Optimised for more flexibility

The Bseries power wheelchair has a modular design that offers almost boundless possibilities for assembling custom-made devices for complex requirements.

With front-wheel and rear-wheel drive, the specific driving characteristics and motor powers of two kinds of drive in two frame widths are at your disposal.

A high degree of flexibility is assured by the new VAS (variably adjustable seat) seat frame solution with Ergo-Joint back angle adjustment as well as innovative special and environmental controls, among other features.


The TEN° handheld control device constitutes a small ergonomic revolution providing secure positioning and prevents fatigue. The high resolution 3.5” colour display features modern and easy to understand imagery. Additionally the innovative rotary dial with a 10° rotation angle permits fast regulation of the speed whilst the housing is extremely robust and available in various colours.

6 advantages at a glance:

  • Innovative jog wheel, for fast speed selection
  • Soft hand pad
  • Infrared- and Bluetooth interface
  • 3.5 mm jacks for external buttons
  • Control lever can be positioned freely
  • Solid aluminium housing in a colour of your choice

Vibration compensation

The proper positioning of the input module is particularly important if a chin or lip control is used. Effortless driving is possible only if it is aligned precisely. Our joysticks can detect vibrations caused by ground conditions such as cobblestones and adjust the driving speed automatically if desired.

Variably adjustable seat (VAS)

The VAS can be adapted to your measurements, down to the centimetre. It comes standard-equipped with an adjustable padded backrest and a flat seat cushion. The Ergo-Joint back angle adjustment is almost entirely free from uncomfortable shear forces. Elevating arm supports and a broad range of legrest versions are optionally available.

Caster swivel lock

It’s true that driving backwards is rarely necessary with a manoeuvrable wheelchair, but it can’t always be avoided, for example when exiting a lift or on ramps. The undesired and difficult-to-control steering motion that occurs when the power wheelchair changes driving directions can be suppressed with a caster swivel lock. This keeps the fixed caster wheels in their straight-ahead position. The lock can be ordered as an option in a manual or power version

Optional accessories

The USB interface offers a 12/24 V voltage for connecting additional devices such as respirators. If you would like extra lighting, you might be interested in our LED lighting with its attractive housing made of clear glass. In addition to a magnetic charging connection, we offer a drinks holder as well as a sturdy luggage carrier, which is suitable for transporting respirators, among other items.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Wheel Size


Max. User Weight


Battery Type

63/74 AH Gel x2

Seat Width

13.5" – 22"

Seat Depth

13.5" – 20" (adjustable in 1" increments)

Seat To Floor Height

From 16"