Otto Bock Start M2S Self Propelled Wheelchair


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Highly Adjustable, Everyday Reliability

Otto Bock is synonymous with quality and reliability. In order to ensure the rapid availability of the top model Start M2, there are many stock versions, which we refer to as M2S.The “S” stands in this case for “stock”. For you this means that these models are available quickly thanks to the optimum logistics chain and can thus be used quickly by patients.

Antibacterial Push Handles

All models of the Start series are equipped with antibacterial push handles. The antibacterial effect of the push handles has been verified by ACTEGA DS Gmbh. In this process it was possible to demonstrate under laboratory conditions that the push handles, which are produced from the material ProvaMed®, are germ-resistant and thus have an antibacterial effect. The antibacterial effect represents an important property especially in institutional domains for preventing transfer of bacteria.


Easy to Adjust - At your Place or Ours

Made to be simple and easy to work with, the Start range is adjustable with basic tools and minimal know how. This means we can adjust seat depth and seat height to ensure your new wheelchair is perfectly suited for your requirements.

Accessories Available

A range of accessories manufactured specifically to suit your new Start Wheelchair are available. From Elevating Legrests and Stump Supports through to anti tippers and arm troughs, the right support is easy to add.

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 81 × 31 × 97 cm
Max. User Weight


Seat Width

16", 18", 20"