Seca 760 Flat Scale, 150kg


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Traditional Weighing Mechanics in a Modern, Colourful Design

With chrome accents, the seca 760 is available in burgundy, midnight blue, ecru, as well as the traditional black and white – to suit most decors. The seca 760 has a platform of skin friendly grooved rubber with the classic scale dial and robust, precise weighing mechanism.

Mechanical Functionality

A Traditional Mechanical scale doesn’t suffer from the ‘stutter’ in showing results that sometimes occurs in electronic scales. It also means a precise reading every time.

Choose your Colour

Available in Burgundy/Red, Midnight Blue or Black with Chrome accents, your new Seca scale doesn’t have to hide in the bathroom cupboard.

Easy to Read and Use

The Seca 760 Flat Scale shows weight in 1kg increments, and can show readings in Stone or Kilograms. The Reset-To-Zero function allows you to quickly reset the scale without complex steps.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Burgundy/Red, Midnight Blue, Black, White