SmartDrive MX2+ PushTracker



World Class Power Add On – Available Right Here, Right Now

The first activity monitor specifically designed for manual wheelchair users!

The SmartDriveTM  is the award-winning power assist that gives greater freedom and power to manual chair users.

The SmartDriveTM MX2+ with PushTracker provides more information and individualization of the SmartDriveTM.
You can customize the SmartDriveTM performance you like best by changing the mode of operation, tap sensitivity, top speed and more.

Now with the added features of the PushTracker Activity Monitor and its FREE Smartphone App, in addition to controlling your SmartDriveTM you can track day-to-day propulsion metrics, including push count, coast time and more. They all seamlessly connect with one another to give a complete picture of mobility activity, helping to monitor daily habits, reduce risk for injury and ultimately improve your quality of life!

Easy to Install

The SmartDrive is lightweight and easy to install. The system weighs only 12.5 lbs (5.7 kg) and simply attaches on the back of the chair. It can be fit on essentially any make and type of wheelchair, including folding, tilt-in space, one-arm drive and standing.


The SmartDrive is surprisingly powerful. You can cruise up the steepest ramps and paths – even thick padded carpet is no problem. It even has an anti-rollback feature that allows you to stop on a hill and then easily get going again.


Now with PushTracker the SmartDrive power assist can be individualized, allowing tweaks to the tap sensitivity, top speed and more. Also equipped with different selectable modes, you can easily pick the one that is best for your desired activity level and needs. But no matter what mode you chose, using the SmartDrive is intuitive and easy.

Control Modes

MX1: Push to go, coast and then brake on the handrims to stop. The original SmartDrive operation that is great for indoor use. 

MX2: Push to go, coast and then tap brake to stop. The Normal operation the SmartDrive has come to be known for to easily take on any indoor or outdoor environment. 

NEW MX2+: Double-tap to start ramping up the speed, tap to coast at your current speed and then double-tap brake to stop. A game-changing operation giving weaker pushers the power to activate the motor at the tap of the wrist. See the Quickstart Guide (click here) for more details.


EZ ON has been developed for users with limited hand dexterity and function. This amazing feature means no more needing to press the left power assist button. When in “SD ON”, you will still need to perform the regular double tap against the handrim to activate the motor.

Additional information

Weight 5.7 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Wheelchair Compatability

Rigid/Folding/Tilt In Space/Standing – please contact us to confirm suitability for your wheelchair
22/24/25 or 26" Drive Wheel Diameter is required

Max. User Weight