Küschall Ultra Light Manual Wheelchair


Go anywhere. Do anything.

The Küschall Ultra-Light is a light and compact chair designed to suit an active lifestyle, improving both high mobility and independence.

The revolutionary “one finger” folding system, the optional foldable backrest and the adduction frame allow the user an unequivocal level of freedom without compromising on quality and driving performance.

The Küschall Ultra-Light offers the user exactly the kind of support he or she needs to push the limits. The new design, driving performance as well as manoeuvrability have been created to suit the active daily life of the Ultra-Light user. It is a foldable chair designed for high performance.




The specially designed crossbrace has hidden stability solutions to keep the wheelchair in line whilst you propel; the result is equal to the rigidity and driving performance you usually find on a rigid wheelchair. A truly energy efficient solution.


As with all Küschall wheelchairs, Swiss quality and durability are the focal points of the Ultra Light. You can count on this lightweight, foldable wheelchair to never compromise on strength or rigidity. Choose Carbon fibre options to further enhance the quality and strength of this wheelchair.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Transport Weight

7.2 kg*

Measurements and weights indicated are based on seat width 400 mm and seat depth 400 mm in the lightest and most compact configuration possible. Weight and measurements can change with the different configurations

Seat Width

11" – 20"

Seat Depth

12.5" – 20"

Front Seat Height

17" – 21"

Rear Seat Height

15.5" – 20"

Weight Capacity

130 kg

Transit Approved



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