All assistive technology devices have warranty applicable according to the terms as specified by the original manufacturer. If your new device has a problem or breaks, you may be entitled to have it repaired under warranty. We can provide warranty services and support for all brands of equipment we supply, and we are able to liaise directly with the manufacturer to get things sorted for you.

If your new device is still under warranty and experiences a problem or fault, we can:

  • Check the device and identify what is causing/has cause the problem
  • Contact the manufacturer directly on your behalf to arrange warranty repairs
  • Conduct warranty repairs and service, and keep your warranty intact

We can also conduct recall repairs or adjustments as ordered by the manufacturer of your equipment if the need arises.

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Please Note: For all warranty repairs and requests we act as the agent on behalf of the manufacturer. The final decision on warranty repairs and service is at the discretion of the manufacturer. We strongly recommend that in the first instance, the original supplier of your equipment should be given the opportunity to rectify or repair the equipment.